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Lincoln Chafee insists on calling a Christmas Tree a “Holiday Tree” in front of a Christmas Tree like a weirdo

Oklahoma police tase woman for being obnoxious

Adam Carolla: “Michael Moore has $50 million, why do you think he dresses like a 50-year-old lesbian trucker?”

Nov. 29, 2012

But the best part is at 4:00: “I flew first class with a woman and her dog…”

O’Reilly Factor November 26.

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Stupid moron Michelle Obama hits her head on Air Force One


Fat Democrat strategist Gabi Domenzain caught eating during MSNBC segment
Fmr. Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue got old and unattractive
Top Chef contestant Carlos Gaytan brags about being an illegal alien
Operation: Distract low-information ‘Muricans from Amnesty surrender with the Israel Guy
Heartache: Ronda Rousey thinks Bill Maher is “sexy”
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