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Adam Carolla: If America is so racist how come minorities dominate Forbes’ 100 World’s Most Powerful Celebrities List?

NYPD’s Sgt. Lesly Charles threatens Douchebag: “I’ll take my gun and put it up your ass”

Stupid moron Colin Powell: Obama has been a transformational figure and he saved the Economy

May. 22, 2012


Today May 22.

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What an a-hole…

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Karma: Psychotic liberal Melissa Fazekas no longer hot
No, seriously: Chris Matthews interviews AN ACTUAL RETARD
Michael Savage: Sean Hannity is lying about leaving a $5,000 tip
Chris Christie defends appointment of radical jihadist Sohail Mohammed to NJ Supreme Court

Ben Shapiro’s wife is hotter than you might expect

Not bad…

Friendly reminder: 17,000 people were beheaded during George Washington’s presidency
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