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Dan Rather: I’m still pretty sure George W. Bush was a deserter, even though my allegations were based on fabricated evidence

RINO Queen Lisa Murkowski heckled by Conservatives

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The Ultimate Choice: Beauty Addict 101 vs. Jenna Marbles


CNN: Gay jokes aimed at Republicans are funny

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Michael Savage exposes Sean Hannity and Mark Levin’s quid pro quo corruption scheme
You can almost see up Jedediah Bila’s dress
Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader Sabrina is beautiful, but there is room for improvement
Foreign policy expert Sean Hannity: Iraq violence has nothing to do with Sunni-Shia relations

Fox News All-Star Panel goofs on Brit Hume’s infamous pink sweater, dubbing it “Nuclear Salmon”

Charles Krauthammer: “It was a health hazard. It was radioactive, I’m told…”

Donald Trump: Honestly, I didn’t want to fight in Vietnam
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