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Oh snap: Donny Deutsch tells Rosie O’Donnell that Secret Service agents are mostly men because they are “physically superior”

Charles Krauthammer: Marco Rubio could be forced to accept the VP slot

Would Smash
MSNBC’s Chris Jansing is a vampire or some kind of immortal

Eric Cantor is a conniving, double-talking, RINO wimp from Hell. And he listens to Rap

Eric Cantor and Republicans like him are the reason we have a hapless, spineless, flip-flopping stupid piece of garbage as our Nominee.

Now Eric Cantor is claiming he listens to rappers Young Jeezy and Wiz Khalifa…

Here’s a sample of Young Jeezy’s work…

F*** bad b****es, smoke big blunts

1. He’s lying about listening to rap.
2. In trying to be hip, he promoted a pro-violence, pro-drug, anti-women rapper.

Nice job, a-hole.

Flashback: Mark Levin calls out RINO wimp Eric Cantor

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