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No, seriously: When is China going to admit that Chopsticks are inferior to the Fork and Spoon?

RINO wimp Mitch Daniels: RINO wimp Mitt Romney isn’t a big enough RINO!

Would Smash
Jedediah Bila is even hotter today than she was on 9/11


See, I told you so: George Zimmerman’s bloody head…awaits apology from Soledad O’Brien

iPhone data confirms the photo was taken at the scene of the crime, 3 minutes after the 911 call…

Via Mediaite…

Think we’re going to get an apology from Soledad O’Brien?

Flashback: Soledad O’Brien: “You don’t even see a band-aid on his head”

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Fox News All-Star Panel goofs on Brit Hume’s infamous pink sweater, dubbing it “Nuclear Salmon”

Charles Krauthammer: “It was a health hazard. It was radioactive, I’m told…”

New polls support Trump allegations: Frank Luntz focus groups rigged
Mark Levin: Scott Walker “more radical than Obama” on amnesty
MFP’s touching musical tribute to Katie Glueck
Handy chart explains why RINO wimp Jason Chaffetz is a stupid moron
See, I told you Rand Paul shouldn’t have spent the last 2 years sucking up to neocons
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