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I will link back to this post on 11/7/12 in a post entitled “See, I told you so: RINO wimp Mitt Romney got his ass kicked last night”

Sean Hannity interviews George Zimmerman’s Dad

MSNBC airhead Alex Wagner: Mitt Romney marginalizes and denigrates Hispanics

Remember when being against Illegal Immigration was a perfectly reasonable position, since, you know, every single country in the history of planet Earth has sought to regulate its borders?

Now w/ Alex April 4.

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Heartache: Ben Carson “absolutely” opposes Ted Cruz’ plan to defund Obamacare

Ben Carson tells establishment spokesman Neil Cavuto that the plan put forth by Mike Lee and Ted Cruz to defund Obamacare is unwise…

Handy chart shows why “but illegal aliens have lower crime rate” statistic is totally irrelevant
Exclusive: MFP interviews Rand Paul’s Punjabi supporter
Alex Jones insists the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy makes sense
Frame-by-frame analysis confirms Kelly the Chickens Rights Activist has a legit booty
Ellison Barber does the pouty sexy eyes thing again
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