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“This Week” roundtable on the GOP race – 12/25/11

Charles Krauthammer goofs on Newt Gingrich

Mike Huckabee: “Ron Paul is not going to be elected President”

Dec. 25, 2011

“He has a very strong core of fanatical believers…”

Via Mediaite…

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Alex Jones: Bill O’Reilly has trouble getting women because “he looks like a giant ferret”

“No wonder he can’t get women. If you were a woman would you want to get anywhere near that guy? He looks like a giant ferret or something…the 250 lb. demonic ferret…”

Flashback: Raul Labrador helps illegal aliens get amnesty
Jedediah Bila is even hotter today than she was on 9/11
Jim Inhofe hates Rand Paul
Piper Palin celebrates Easter
South Park edits out RG3 to make Washington Redskins seem more racist
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