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Mark Levin speech @ the Americans for Prosperity Defending the Dream Summit – 11/5/11

Herman Cain yells at stupid reporters – 11/5/11

Rick Santorum’s daughter Sarah Maria Santorum went from obnoxious-looking to attractive in just 6 years


Rich Lowrie takes questions on Herman Cain’s 999 Plan – 11/2/11

Washington Journal November 2.

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Ew, gross: 214-pound Brittany Gibbons is proud of the way she looks in a bikini

I’m going to be sick…

Spoiler Alert: How the War on ISIS Ends
Donald Trump does better among minorities than Rand Paul without even trying
Fake libertarian John Stossel: “Blacks are a special case”
Sheldon Adelson’s comb over is just insane
EMS worker that tried to save Eric Gardner’s life was so hot
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