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Herman Cain: About that whole swapping Gitmo prisoners thing…

RINO wimp Joe Scarborough: Mitt Romney made Herman Cain “look like an idiot”

Would Smash
EMS worker that tried to save Eric Gardner’s life was so hot


Hollywood Idiot Shia LaBeouf justifiably beaten up outside Vancouver bar

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Mark Levin not a fan of Seattle Seahawks’ coach and 9/11 truther Pete Carroll
Wah: Obese RINO Erick Erickson whines bout Liz Mair firing
Rand Paul keeps getting taller and taller
Friendly reminder: Not every conflict involving a dictator is analogous to Hitler and Nazi Germany
Confirmed: Donald Trump likes Ted Cruz more than Scott Walker
Bwahahahaha: Rand Paul’s ghostwriters praise Donald Trump
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