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RINO wimp Jon Huntsman: Pastor Robert Jeffress is a “moron”

Homeless-looking guy Cornel West trashes Herman Cain: “He needs to get off the symbolic crack pipe”

Geraldo Rivera’s brother Craig Rivera interviews Herman Cain

Oct. 10, 2011

Geraldo At Large October 09.

He ain’t heavy…

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The Top 5 Meanest Things Alex Jones Said To Michelle Malkin

“Shame on you…you little monster!”

Alex Jones accurately claims he’s been physically attacked by African-Americans 35 times
Draft Ben Carson donations are paying for Vernon Robinson’s third mansion
Democrat rising stars Julián and Joaquín Castro look evil
Fight Simulation: Michael Brown vs. Trayvon Martin
Friendly reminder: 17,000 people were beheaded during George Washington’s presidency
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