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Mitt Romney speech @ The Values Voter Summit – 10/8/11

Mike Huckabee: Herman Cain has a 40% chance of winning the GOP Nomination

Would Smash
Ellison Barber does the pouty sexy eyes thing again


Anderson Cooper interviews Pastor Robert Jeffress, the guy who called Mormonism a “Cult”

Via Mediaite…

Jeffress keeps on keepin’ on…

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Jewish woman yells at Michael Savage for criticizing Israel

Ben Shapiro’s wife is hotter than you might expect

Not bad…

MFP turns Lt. Shaye Haver into a hot emo chick
Would smash: Obama propaganda czar Jen Psaki
Jealous co-worker gives Katie Glueck a dirty look behind her back

Stupid moron Michelle Obama hits her head on Air Force One


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