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Hottest Girl Ever of the Day – 9/28/11

Rush Limbaugh: GOP Establishment pushing Chris Christie because “they’re scared to death that a Conservative is going to get the nomination”

Janeane Garofalo: “Herman Cain…hides the racist elements of the Republican party”

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Mark Levin: Of course Ted Cruz is eligible to be President!

“All you pregnant ladies traveling overseas? According to certain birther groups, if you have a child while you’re on vacation– they’re not Americans…”

Jeb Bush’s “alleged” mistress hotter than you might expect
John Kasich felt religious responsibility to expand Medicaid and implement Obamacare
Alex Jones accurately claims George Washington was assassinated by the Illuminati
Captain Picard vs. Obama and the neocons
Mitt Romney thanks Jonathan Gruber for writing Romneycare
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