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Rudy Giuliani: “Jimmy Carter had a better sense of the economy than Barack Obama does”

Australian Teenage Bomb Hoax Victim Madeleine Pulver is kinda hot, has big knockers

Would Smash
Meagan Pastorchik robbed of Miss Hooters Int’l 2014 crown


Jon Stewart mocks Rick Perry, Obama Bus Tour

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Confirmed: Donald Trump likes Ted Cruz more than Scott Walker
Pathetic: Rand Paul won’t give straight answer on whether or not he met with Cliven Bundy
MFP’s touching musical tribute to slut shaming victim Alexis Frulling
Ron Paul: Obamacare a “minor lie” compared to George W. Bush’s lies about Iraq WMDs

Tamara Holder tells Sean Hannity about her sexual preferences: “I like to, you know, do bad things”

“I don’t have an immoral partner to engage in such activity with…”

RINO “war room” is pathetic, even by GOP establishment standards
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