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Jim DeMint “disappointed” Michele Bachmann hasn’t signed “Cut, Cap, Balance” Pledge

Mark Levin really, really >:[ @ Obama, RINOs

Rush Limbaugh on Casey Anthony verdict: “Just tell yourself she waited a couple years to get an abortion and you’ll feel better”

Jul. 6, 2011

Via Daily Rushbo…

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RINO wimp Orrin Hatch writes a song dedicated to mass murderer Ted Kennedy

“Headed Home…”

Handy chart shows Tom Cotton and Mark Pryor pose a greater threat to the United States than Vladimir Putin
Tennessee cheerleaders who courageously defied prayer ban not as hot as you might expect
God is clearing the field for Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in 2016
One year later: Chris Christie and Rand Paul still leading “meaningless” presidential polls
MFP’s touching musical tribute to Katie Glueck
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