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Sarah Palin addresses crowd @ Iowa premiere of “The Undefeated”

Lisa Baron says she gave Ari Fleischer a BJ in someone else’s home

Would Smash
MP ranks the hosts of Fox News’ “Outnumbered” by order of hotness


Jon Stewart attacks Fox News for attacking Jon Stewart for attacking Fox News

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Mark Levin: “I despise the neocons! I am not a neocon!”
Rand Paul open to changing his personal opposition to gay marriage
Bwahahaha: Sean Hannity and Rick Perry dress up like The Expendables for border tour

Peter Schiff photobombs Rand Paul

If you don’t know who Peter Schiff is– don’t worry about it. It’s not important…

It’s weird how liberals hate Bill Cosby but are still big fans of other rapists
Bill Clinton visited Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island 10 times
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