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Andrew Breitbart on C-SPAN “After Words” – 5/8/11

“Morning Joe” on Congressman Aaron Schock’s abs, physical fitness

Obama talks Osama bin Laden on “60 Minutes” even though you know he did everything he could to help Osama escape

May. 8, 2011

60 Minutes May 8.

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RINO wimp Orrin Hatch writes a song dedicated to mass murderer Ted Kennedy

“Headed Home…”

Rand Paul connects with African-Americans over shared love of the black turtleneck
Sheldon Adelson’s comb over is just insane
MP turns YAL’s Bonnie Kristian into a hot chick
See, I told you so: Sometimes “no” means “yes”
Michelle Cottle sluts it up for Fox News, but still doesn’t look hot
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