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Ann Coulter CPAC speech – 2/12/11

SNL: Bill O’Reilly President Obama Superbowl interview

Would Smash
Bwahahaha: Hot white chick covering Ferguson says her #1 concern is being shot by the police


Allen West CPAC speech – 2/12/11

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Karma: Keith Olbermann’s ex-girlfriend’s dad is transgender
Bwahahaha: Mark Levin threatens to “overload” Wikipedia if they don’t fix his page
Al Sharpton’s girlfriend, would ya?
MP ranks Vance McAllister’s wife, mistress, and daughter by order of hotness

The Top 5 Meanest Things Alex Jones Said To Michelle Malkin

“Shame on you…you little monster!”

NBC News’ Kasie Hunt Is Totally Biased of the Day
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