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Video: Alvin Greene CNN interview – 6/13/10

Video: Rand Paul on gun rights

Video: Christopher Hitchens on Sarah Palin: “She’s got no charisma of any kind”

Jun. 13, 2010

Hitchens: “She’s got no charisma of any kind. I can imagine her useful to a low-rent porn director…”

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Rand Paul mocks amnesty opponents: “Do you want us to put them in concentration camps?”

“It is hard to get welfare. Are some of them on welfare? Maybe…”

Rand Paul: The GOP must be “the Party of Freedom, not the Party of Big Business”
State Dept. spokesbimbo Marie Harf’s husband is so beta
Alex Jones accurately claims George Washington was assassinated by the Illuminati
Fmr. Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue got old and unattractive
Sarah Palin rocks a spectacularly tight t-shirt at the NRA forum
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