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Awww: 11-year-old future gang member interviews current gang member Barack Obama

236,316 waiting 18 weeks or more for NHS treatment

Would Smash
Trump Iowa campaign co-chairwoman Tana Goertz, would ya?


Obama’s Aunt Zeituni Onyango gets a taxpayer-funded makeover

Here is Zeituni Onyango yesterday on CNN:

Here is Zeituni Onyango, October 2008:


When Zeituni Onyango was photographed in 2008, she was living in public housing in South Boston. Yet it is clear from the images above that Onyango has gotten a significant makeover since then– and I’ve watched enough of TLC’s What Not to Wear done enough research to know makeovers aren’t cheap.

Sure. She could’ve gotten a job. But who would hire a woman facing deportation?

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