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Video: Rep. David Scott (D-GA) yells at constituents for asking about Health Care

Aug. 7, 2009

In a Town Hall meeting that was supposed to talk about the relocation of Hwy. 92 in Douglasville, Rep. David Scott went ghetto crazy on constituents for pressing him on Health Care Reform.

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U.S. Rep. David Scott (D-13th) was involved in what many called an embarrassing display of losing his temper at a town hall meeting in Douglasville last weekend.

In the meeting, Scott lost his temper and began yelling at a crowd that included two people who came forward during the question-and-answer portion of the meeting to ask Scott about his stance on the health care plan proposed by the White House and being debated on Capitol Hill.

The city of Douglasville taped the event and you can see Scott become increasingly agitated after a question about health care.

At one point he chastized some in the crowd for “hijacking” the meeting.

11Alive News has found the Douglas County doctor who posed one of the questions. Dr. Brian E. Hill, a urologist, said he simply wanted to know Congressman Scott’s stance on government-provided insurance.

“I did not go to a meeting to create any problem. I simply have real questions about the quality of health care my patients are going to get not just now, but down the line,” Hill said.

Just for laughs, check out the poll on Rep. Scott’s website. It asks: What is your health insurance status?


Lost coverage or no coverage 0.37 % (25)
In medical debt/bankruptcy 0.04 % (3)
My plan is becoming too expensive 0.48 % (33)
Denied coverage due to pre-existing condition 0.10 % (7)Stuck in current plan with no other option 0.25 % (17)
Satisfied with my current plan 98.76 % (6754)

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