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Video: John McCain backstage footage SNL – (from 11/1/08)

Video: Black Panthers intimidate votes in PA

Video: Terrorist Bill Ayers votes

Terrorist Bill Ayers calls the police on Bill O’Reilly reporters…

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Bwahahaha: Sean Hannity and Rick Perry dress up like The Expendables for border tour
The Blaze’s Amy Holmes’ 1980’s old detective guy glasses
Handy chart explains why RINO wimp Jason Chaffetz is a stupid moron

Alex Jones: Bill O’Reilly has trouble getting women because “he looks like a giant ferret”

“No wonder he can’t get women. If you were a woman would you want to get anywhere near that guy? He looks like a giant ferret or something…the 250 lb. demonic ferret…”

Bristol Palin got really, really, really, really, really HOT
Bwahahaha: Donald Trump makes a fool out of NBC News’ Kasie Hunt
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