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Al-Qaeda hoping for Republican defeat, humiliation

Cindy Sheehan accuses Pelosi of intimidation tactics

Sean Hannity’s producer Lynda has a sore throat, sounds hot


Video: Protestors demand LA Times release Khalidi tape

As Times’ employees snicker at them from above…

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Sean Hannity asks Rand Paul about Mark Levin’s book as if Rand Paul gives a shit

In New York for a fundraiser, Rand Paul appeared in-studio with RINO wimp Sean Hannity…

State Dept. spokesbimbo Marie Harf’s husband is so beta
Michael Savage: Sean Hannity is lying about leaving a $5,000 tip
Ainsley Earhardt’s new haircut is so hot
Lebron James’ wife Savannah not as hot as you might expect
Al Sharpton’s girlfriend, would ya?
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